Monday, September 6, 2010

Second time's a charm

On Thursday, July 15th, a First Response digital test (highly recommend if you want a very clear answer) confirmed our efforts were fruitful - I was pregnant!

I actually knew the previous Saturday, but B wouldn't believe it (and I was too scared to believe it).  I went to the gym and during class my body temperature soared almost immediately (the same thing happened the last time I was pregnant).  I came home and told hubby my suspicions, but we decided to hold off on getting too excited, and wait for the test later that week (my period was due on Tuesday).

On Tuesday and Wednesday I used the eBay strip pregnancy tests, and both came back negative.  Sometimes it takes a while for the hormone to show up.  On Wednesday night my period still hadn't arrived so I went and bought a digital test to get a firm answer.

I barely slept Wednesday night, anxious about what Thursday morning could hold - my period or a positive result.  I've never been more happy to pee in a cup!

I woke up and mad my deposit, and eagerly waited for the result to show up.  I paced around the bathroom, trying to distract myself for the two minutes I had to wait.  It felt like ETERNITY!  As soon as the time was up, I grabbed the test and it proudly flashed "YES".  I ran out of the bathroom to wake up B and show him the result. He was thrilled!

I called the doctor that morning and booked an appointment to do the blood work to make it all official.  My appointment was the following Tuesday and the results came back on Friday, officially confirming my pregnancy.

We were both excited, but had mixed emotions over this bittersweet moment, desperately hoping that things would work out this time.  We were scared to get our hopes up in case something happened again.  We tried to contain our enthusiasm until we could go for our 7 week "dating ultrasound" to confirm everything was fine.

And so begins the next chapter of our journey...

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