Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sharing the good news

As my belly is expanding quickly (evidently my body has remembered how to be pregnant!), we decided to tell our families at nine weeks (as I couldn't hide my pregnancy from my employer much longer).  Now came the difficult task - figuring out how to tell them!

With Olivia, we wrapped up ultrasound pictures for my parents/sister and inlaws/sister in law and gave them as Christmas presents.  Everyone was shocked and delighted by the present.

This time around, we wanted to do something different, since we'd already "done" the ultrasound picture route.  We were struggling for ideas and one day at Hallmark I found the perfect solution:

I found this perpetual calendar on a shelf filled with Grandma gifts.  It was PERFECT!  So we set the countdown to 31 and wrapped them up. 

We gave one to my mother in law, disguised as a birthday gift for my 6 year old nephew at his birthday party.  When he pulled out the gift, we suggested that he get Nona's help.  The boys pulled out th calendar - and the blocks - and started playing with it before she could see what it said.  Needless to say, we sorted it out, and she was very happy.  We gave the second to my mom the next day as a belated birthday present.  She was shocked to pull it out, and now proudly displays it on a table in her living room.

I look forward to filling their ultrasound frames with a picture after my 15 week ultrasound in a few weeks!

How did you tell your family you were expecting?

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