Sunday, November 14, 2010

Successful Baby Show visit

Today I went to the Baby Time Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  I went with my friend H who's expecting twins in January.  We had a great time!

At first we felt a little out of place as we were two of the few who weren't toting a baby/stroller/husband along.  But we quickly we were thankful we didn't so we could easily navigate the aisles and get as many free goodies as possible!

Here's a photo of some of the goodies I picked up (not pictured is the bag of wasted paper I plan to recycle):

I'm happy to say that I got more than my $12 admission worth of goodies!  I got several cans of formula, three playtex bottles, a pack of travel wipes and countless samples of products for both baby and me.  I also bought an UppaBaby umbrella stroller for $80 (a show special, regularly $150) and an Avent travel feeding kit with 2 bottles and a holder for $15 (a show special, regularly $50).

Now I need to dive into all these goodies and make sense of it all!  Watch for more posts as I'm going to need some advice on how to decide which products are best!

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