Wednesday, December 29, 2010

27 weeks

Nine months ago I delivered Olivia at 27 weeks, which is where I'm at this week.  It's hard to believe the time has passed so quickly, both since we lost Olivia and also the progress I've made in this pregnancy.  The baby is growing fast, and so is my belly.  At my doctor's appointment last week they said I've gained 12 pounds, which was a bit disturbing but the nurse assured me that most weight spikes happen between 20-30 weeks.

In just 13 weeks our baby will be with us.  In some ways it feels like an eternity, while at the same time the thought of this actually happening is a bit scary!  Will it really happen for us this time?

I have about 2 months of work yet, and we're about halfway through the process of hiring a contract replacement for me.  It's all a bit surreal.  While I want to hire someone who's good and can hold things afloat while I'm off, I'm also conscious of hiring someone TOO good.  Is that selfish?

As I write this post, the baby is kicking my arm, which is resting against my belly.  While this pregnancy is very similar, in other ways it's very different.  This baby feels stronger, perhaps because it is.  I'm also feeling much more physically drained than I was at this point with Olivia.  It gives me reassurance that everything is progressing normally with this pregnancy, and that I shouldn't worry.

But really, until this baby is bundled in my arms, I won't be able to believe for certain that our dream of becoming a family will come true.  And the countdown begins...


  1. I am with you girl. I still can't wrap my head around or dare to believe that this baby will actually end up in my arms alive. I think it is a self preservation (that we both know doesn't really work). 27 weeks!! You are doing great and I am sure you will find that as you have passed this milestone it will get a little easier to find more joy in the pregnancy. I wish you all the best and I hope that 2011 brings us the babies our hearts and arms need so badly.

    PS: I am totally jealous of your stroller!! I wanted that one, but MIL really wants to purchase the stroller and I can't admit to her that price tag!

  2. Thank you Sheri for your comment. You are right, I don't think anyone knows the heartache of losing a baby unless you have been there. Unfortunately I am still waiting to deliver my daughter. Its been 3 days. I really hope today is it. Congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy and my BEST wishes!!!

  3. I can only how it feels to be the same week gestation that you were when you lost Olivia. I am so glad that everything is going well with this baby. It is surreal to think of what was happening at this time in your last pregnancy. I think that 12 pounds is pretty darn amazing for 27 weeks. I gained 13 pounds at 21 weeks.