Friday, December 17, 2010

The not so pretty side of pregnancy

Last week my mom pointed out that I've been pregnant since October 2009 - 14 months! Sure I had three months "off" after I gave birth to Olivia, but she's right! My body doesn't really know how to be anything BUT pregnant! I looked in my closet and 90% of the clothes are maternity. I'm not even sure if I have "normal" clothes anymore!

Regardless, I am happy, feeling good (the "sickness" is finally letting go) and excited about the arrival of our little one in a few months.

In recent months, however, I've really started to discover the "not so pretty" side of pregnancy that no one really warns you about. Sure, the books make brief reference, but you really don't know what to expect until it happens. Here's a few examples:

What bikini line?

As any pregnant woman can attest, normal grooming habits are thrown by the wayside by about month 5. Firstly, you can't see anything past your belly, so who knows what it looks like "down there". Secondly, shaving your legs gets almost impossible the bigger you get. I've tried it standing up and sitting in the tub, and while the former is easier, I have to bend so far over to reach that I end up with a face full of shower water. Before we went to Florida, I decided to get a bikini wax (of which I've only had two in my life). Seemed like a good idea until I was lying on the table at the mercy of the esthetician. It hurt like hell!!! But ultimately I was happy because it was one less thing to worry about during our trip. Will I do it again? All I can say, is "welcome to the jungle baby!".

Clench and cough (or squeeze and sneeze)

You hear a lot about the importance of Kegel exercises during pregnancy, and don't take them seriously till its too late. Because of the baby's position (right on top of my bladder), every time I cough hard or sneeze, I pee! Its gotten so bad that I'm wearing pads to keep my pants dry. It may sound funny, and maybe it was at first, but now it's downright infuriating! I feel like an 80 year old woman who needs Depends! Not fun...

Oh my aching...heart

Those of you who haven't experienced pregnancy heartburn, just you wait! It started for me in month 4. At first I had no idea what it was. It felt like pressure in my upper chest, which eventually turned into painful burning. One day, out of desperation, I decided to try a Tums....and it disappeared! Take my advice and buy a big bottle (and travel packs for your purse). The trigger is usually spicy food, but some days it's everything I eat. So I keep my trusty Tums handy and as soon as I feel the "pressure" starting, I take one to get ahead of it. I recommend the "smooth-eez", they're tasty and have extra calcium!


Everyone has heard about the infamous "swelling" that happens during pregnancy: hands, face, feet (I miss my heels!) but there's one spot NOBODY warns you about. This is the most recent (and probably the most embarrassing) development. Without graphic details, everything "down there" is swollen and achy (and not pleasant, despite how the books talk about it). I'm going to ask the doctor on Monday and will hopefully get a solution.

Despite all of this (and really, its not as bad as it sounds), I love being pregnant. Especially because I know it's all for a very good cause. I just wish men could get a small dose of what we have the "privilege" of enduring!  What surprises have you come across during your pregnancy?


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. This post totally hit home for me as I've been PG since Sept 09 with a 4 month break, see very similar to you! I miss my body, of course, I am happy that this little boy is on his way here, but my body is not mine anymore. Congrats on your pregnancy!!

  2. When I was pregnant with Jacob, I really wanted a pickle. So I ate it and promptly threw it up and the heartburn lasted for hours. It was the worst heartburn of the whole pregnancy (which only last 21 weeks anyway), but I still remember how bad it was and it kept me up half the night. The lesson I learned was never to eat a pickle until the nausea and vomiting has been gone for weeks!

    There was also a few days when I just couldn't pee at night. I'd wake up bursting and then nothing would come out. My uterus is tilted and I discovered that it happens to alot of women with tilted uteruses at that stage of pregnancy. It only last for a few days, thankfully and was fine during the day.

    Waking up in the middle of the night starving was interesting too, as was falling asleep at 8pm on the couch every night and then sleeping soundly through the night. I loved that part.

    What I loved the most though was feeling him kick.