Thursday, January 27, 2011

Checking items off the list

As I mentioned in my last post, this week's events were a big wake up call.  I realized quickly what we still needed to sort out before baby arrives.

We're all signed up for prenatal classes and start them on February 9 (three hours in the evening for four weeks).  I'm really hoping we'll get through all of the classes, less so for the labour and delivery part (we managed through Olivia's birth without too much stress), more so for the guidance for the first days and weeks at home.

I picked up a great book from Indigo that a friend (who just had twins) highly recommended, called Canada's Baby Care Book, written by 2 doctors at the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto.  I got halfway through it yesterday and I love that the information is Canadian, as it's consistent with a lot of advice my OB has given us.  I've encouraged hubby to give it a read too (it has lots of pictures) so I'm not the only one who knows how to care for baby when we're both in a sleep-deprived state!  I would highly recommend as part of your parenting library!

I've been hunting for book ends for the nursery for quite some time now and I found a SUPER CUTE Owl Linen pair at Indigo yesterday (in addition to a $90 blanket on sale for $15 to keep on hand for late night feeding/rocking sessions).  I got the pair for $34, which is a great price, and they look great with the nursery decor!

I've been researching diaper bags for a while.  My struggle was finding a good-sized bag that wasn't huge, something with a lot of storage and pockets to keep things organized, and in a fun pattern that wasn't too girlie (so hubby wouldn't refuse to carry it).  I've looked at a LOT of options and stores, and finally decided on the Skip Hop Duo in the Blossom pattern (I originally looked at the Dash but it wasn't much bigger than a laptop bag and after seeing my friends with their overstuffed bags, I decided function was more important than style on this decision).  It is SUPER CUTE (yes that's twice in one post!) and is perfect for our needs.  It has tons of pockets/compartments, a comfy shoulder strap and cool clips to hook the bag to your stroller handle.  A friend has a Skip Hop bag and said it was her best bag ever, so I picked it up yesterday from SnuggleBugz.

And guess what?  Hubby likes it (well he didn't say he hated it or make a face so that's a good sign, right?!).  Now to get it packed so we're ready for the hospital at a moment's notice!

Now we just need our crib (I'll post the long story about that another day) and the car seat and we're ready for Baby's arrival!

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  1. Sounds like you're having all kinds of fun!! Not sure if Canadian hospitals are the same as American in this respect, but if they are you won't need almost anything from the diaper bag in the hospital. They'll supply all the diapers, wipes, petroluem jelly, onesies, receiving blankets, etc that you'll need in the hospital. You'll mostly need things for the ride home. (The less you can bring, the better, right?)