Monday, January 24, 2011

Identity crisis

When we found out we were pregnant, we decided we didn't want to know Baby's gender.  The only reason for finding out is for ease of shopping, and we've been able to find PLENTY of cute things that are gender neutral (which means that if/when we have a second child we won't have to buy all new clothes and gear).  The challenge is....what to call Baby?

I thought about some cute nicknames like "sprout" and "bump" but they all felt too cutesy.  So we resorted to Baby or, when we describe in the third person, "it".  A lot of people don't like "it" because they think it's impersonal.  Trust me, I'd rather say "he" or "she", and every so often I say "she" (from what I've been told, I've never consciously noticed myself saying that).  Both of us are convinced Baby is a girl....and in 9 weeks we'll find out!

What did/do you call your Baby to be?

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  1. Hi Sherri. Still keeping up with you although I've been a bad commenter lately. Glad to see that all is well. :)

    We called my 3 year old "the bean" or just "bean" because we didn't know the gender, and then with E, we found out she was a girl at about 18 weeks, and called her "Radara" as in doppler radar because we listened to her heart on the doppler all the time. Both are a little cutesy...

    I hope you come up with a name you like.