Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Almost 10 weeks!

I seriously don't know where time flies.  I feel like I'm living in a haze of exhaustion and pure delight.  Noah is absolutely adorable and he's changing every day.  He looks up at me with those sweet blue eyes and my heart melts.  In the last few weeks he's started to smile and become vocal.  Finally it's starting to feel like a two way relationship.

I won't pretend that there's moments where I wonder why we made this decision, because he's had a rough night or won't stop screaming, but those moments are fleeting and disappear when he smiles at me.

At his two month appointment he got his first shots (ouch! but he handled them like a little trooper), and was weighed and measured.  He's now 12 lbs 4 oz (likely more now since that was a few weeks ago) and he's grown 7cm since birth.  He's growing out of clothes faster than he can wear them.  I've put jammies away that he's only worn once or twice, but they're so tight he can't straighten his legs!

I've found that a routine is critical for my sanity and for Noah's overall demeanour.  We try to keep him to a three hour feeding schedule, and he's doing very well on Enfamil Gentlease formula.  His tummy problems have all but gone away, and he's figured out how to pass gas and have bowel movements without screaming.  Now if only we could get some longer stretches at night!  Soon enough, I know.  In the morning I feed him and then put him back in his crib with his Baby Einstein aquarium on while I shower.  Then we come downstairs and he spends about half an hour on his Baby Einstein playmat while I have coffee and breakfast.  Then usually I get him dressed, fed, and then we're off to a morning outing.  I've found that he really needs to get out of the house.  If we spend all day at home he gets very bored and cranky....which does the same to me!  I have a friend with a little guy who's 2 weeks older than Noah so we spend lots of time together.  We also joined a stroller fitness class for 8 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are part of a local Moms club that has daily events.  Generally Noah's night routine is pretty much the same: bath, jammies, bottle and bed, usually around 8pm.  Then we dream feed around 10/10:30 and then hope for the best for the evening.

We tried Noah in a jolly jumper this week and he's doing really well.  His neck is super strong and he's nearly figured out how to use his legs and neck to make himself move.  Such a smart little man!

We had a photo shoot last weekend, and he did great.  It was 2 hours away so we expected he might be moody.  Thankfully it was at a friends' house so we took them gradually over 4 hours, and visited in between.  Here's a few of the sneak peeks (my fave is the one of Noah and me, which was a total fluke at the end when I was taking him inside to get him dressed):

I can't believe he'll be ten weeks this friday, almost three months.  I'm so glad we still have another nine months together....I'm only just getting to know this little one!  I can't imagine life without him, he's definitely captured a big piece of my heart!

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  1. So glad that you guys are doing well! I love the pictures, they are just precious!!