Monday, June 13, 2011

Much-needed support networks

As a new mom, I'm constantly faced with questions about my baby's health, feeding, sleeping and countless other topics.  While my doctor has been a good resource, I've found that the BEST source of information has been other moms.  Of course I wouldn't make any drastic or life-altering decisions for my baby without consulting a professional, but when it comes to day to day life, other moms are the best because they've *BEEN* there.

In addition to several friends who are on maternity leave with little ones, I have two groups that I tap into for support and information. 

The first, and the one that's become my lifeline, is the #zombiemoms group on TwitterHere's an explanation of twitter groups and how this one works.  Zombiemoms is a group of women who are pregnant or have newborns/little ones and are tweeting day and night about life with a baby.  These women (and a few men) have been an amazing support, whether it's advice about how to approach a situation or just being there to listen when I'm feeling sleep deprived and frustrated.  It feels like we're all in the trenches together, and even though most of us have never met in person, we have a close bond.  I'm so thankful for this group, they really have helped me a lot.  You can check out the latest #zombiemoms conversation here:

The second group, and one that I need to invest more time in, is Momstown Milton.  This is a organized group with almost daily events for local moms.  I've met a number of moms already and many of us have babies within weeks of each other.  It's so nice to have someone who can listen and relate to what you're experiencing.  While my husband is amazing, and I have a wonderful family to support me, no one can understand how hard it is without being "in the thick of it".

I encourage every new mom to find a support network, whether virtual or in person.  Staying at home with a baby can sometimes be very lonely and frustrating, and having people who understand what you're facing can have a big impact on your mental health!

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