Friday, June 24, 2011

The wild wild west

I swear, just when I think I have Noah figured out, he turns the tables on me!

For the past few weeks, he's been giving us a 4-5 hour stretch from his dream feed to his first feed, and then another 3 hours until wakeup.  It means he's waking a lot earlier (between 6-7am) but I'm getting more uninterrupted sleep so I don't mind.

Last night he fed every 3 hours, plus woke up another 2 times for his soother and once to be reswaddled (hubby needs to learn the art of tying him up tight!).  Both of us are pretty tired today.  He's napping right now, hopefully for a good stretch so he'll be in a good mood today.

I've been tracking his eating and napping patterns for the last few days to identify patterns that will help me get him to sleep longer (yes I know I'm delusional to think I can "control" his routine, but I have to try, right?).  I noticed he ate 4oz less yesterday than the last few days, which is basically an entire meal.

I'm praying this is a blip and he'll go back to his "new" routine soon.  Wish us luck!

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  1. Hey Sheri, I just read your last 5 posts.sorry I'm so behind. Noah is 3 months old now, maybe you're experiencing a growth spurt with him right now. Vanessa was the same around 3 months I had her on a pretty good routine and was getting a good 4-5 hour post dream feed stretch as well, then all of a sudden she started to wake at 2 am again. I was confused, but the book seemed to hint that a growth spurt was most likely the culprit. So I had to just roll with the punches for a week then I got her back on routine. When a growth spurt happens, just feed him on demand night and day. You'll see he'll naturally go back to doing his 4-5 hour stretch again. It can last a few days or so, and I found that it took me a week before I had her back on track. My rule of thumb is to not go in for 10-15 mins when she cries at night so I can try and see if she's hungry or just woke up and will fall back asleep. When she's hungry she keeps waking and eventually is screaming. It's funny because in a few weeks you'll need to start moving Noah onto the 4/4 routine so it's all going to change again...but I promise it will be for the better. Vanessa is 6 months now, has a dream feed at 11pm and wakes between 6-7am most days but I don't go in unless she's crying non-stop. BW explains that all babies will naturally wake anywhere between 4-6 am but that doesn't mean they are ready to start their day. Just leave them play and they will more often then not fall back asleep. I've been doing this since I got her on the 4/4 routine and I'd say 9 times out of 10 she is able to either play until just about 7am (if she wakes after 6am, or able to fall back asleep (if she wakes 4-6am) It takes practice for you both but eventually it falls into place. You'll see a big difference in the length of naps Noah will take once you introduce the 4/4 routine. They way you know he's ready for 4/4 is when you start to see his morning and afternoon naps turn from nice long 1/5-2hr naps into 30-40 mins or less. Once you move him to 4/4 he'll have more fuel to do proper naps again, and will have more fuel to get through his nights completely. Vanessa had definitely dropped her 2am feed by 3 months (until the ugly growth spurt came) then she dropped her 4am sometime after I started the 4/4 routine. 4 am lingered longer I think because I was misreading her cry at 4am for food when in fact it was just her natural wake up that the BW talked about. All I needed to do was go in and calm her by shush patting and she was back to sleep. still until this day she wakes and cries for about 60 seconds around 4am but I never go in as she always falls back asleep on her own. Accept for last night because her 4am 60 second cry turned into waking every ten minutes then by 5am she was screaming! Then a light bulb went off in my head...6 month growth spurt. so I fed her and she went right back to sleep and has been a happy camper all day. We'll see what tonight has in store but I'm sure it was just a growth spurt, I'm not sure how long it will last, but I know it's just a minor blip and she will settle back to her proper routine when this passes. Good luck, and please let me know if you have any questions! Keep up the good work, you're doing great Sheri.