Sunday, August 7, 2011

And the adventure continues

I know I say this every time I post, but I can't believe a whole month has passed and I haven't posted!  You would think with all the nap time that happens these days that I'd have time, but usually that "free" time is spent cleaning, doing laundry, washing bottles or napping myself!

The last month has been a sleeping roller coaster.  Noah has two upper eye teeth coming in and he's been pretty moody.  On top of that, he's been waking up screaming on a regular basis (and not just a "I need my soother" scream, a blood-curdling "I'm in pain" scream).  Needless to say, nighttime has been an adventure.

Last weekend we decided to start sleep training him, because he was eating less and less each night (he was waking at 2 and 5 and sleeping till 7), which made me think the wake ups were more out of habit.  Hubby and I agreed we'd let him cry for 5 minutes before going in, and we wouldn't pick him up - instead we'd try to soothe him by talking to him and stroking his cheek/head.  If he didn't settle within a minute, we'd leave for another 5.  If that didn't work, THEN we'd pick him up.  We wanted to ease him into it so it wasn't too traumatic.

Well it worked...for a few nights.  After two nights he dropped the first feed and slept till 3 and then till 7.  We were thrilled!  Until the teething cough appeared.  He has so much saliva right now that it's choking him up.  He sounds like he has a chest cold but the Dr. said his chest was clear and it was drool-driven.  Great....there's nothing we can do.  Well this cough has worsened and now it wakes him up.  I've tried using a steam vaporizer and while there's been an improvement, he's now waking at 145, 245 and 400 each night.  The first two wake ups are habit/comfort, I'm convinced of it, because he doesn't need to eat till 4.  The last two nights we let him cry for 5 mins for both of those wake ups and when we went in, he settled right away.  The problem is that those wake ups aren't going away, and it's been almost a week.  I think it started with the cough but now he's fallen into old habits.

So tonight we'll leave him for ten minutes and see how it goes.  Last night he slept till 5:30 after those wake ups.  In fact, WE woke up and he was still sleeping.  I suppose we should have left him but we were so confused and tired, we decided to dream feed him.  Then he slept till 8:20.  I'm not complaining about the sleep-in but I would LOVE if he dropped the wake ups and only slept till 7.

I know we'll get there, he's shown me he CAN do it, we just need to show him HOW to.  Wish us luck!

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