Monday, August 8, 2011

Favourite toys

Recently I've been chatting with other new moms about age-appropriate toys for our infants.  Noah has a lot of toys but there's a number of favourites among the bunch.  I thought I'd share them here in case you're looking for ideas.  All of these are easy for him to hold (he's just learned to use his fingers) and put in his mouth (everything goes in there these days because of teething) and he plays with them multiple times a day.

Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Play Mat (Baby Einstein):  Noah spends HOURS a day on this mat.  Our favourite feature is the sound and light machine that keeps him entertained.  It's very easy to fold into the carrying bag so you can take it with you.  We usually toss a bunch of toys on it so he has lots to choose from.

Owl & Friends Ball Trio (Skip Hop):  We have these hanging on hooks beside his change pad.  Two of them have bells inside and he loves to swat at and kick them while we're changing his diaper and clothes.

Skwish Classic (Manhattan Toys):  This is the newest addition and was an immediate hit.  It's held together with bungee cords so it's flexible and very easy to hold.  He loves to put the corner balls in his mouth.

Snuggle & Teethe Elephant (Bright Starts):  This guy goes with Noah in his car seat.  He loves the crinkly belly and loves to stroke his fur while we're on the go.  There's teething bits on the feet as well (he hasn't discovered those yet).

Soft Activity Book (Skip Hop):  He's still learning to use the book but when we're out shopping and he gets bored, I give this to him and it occupies him for a bit.  There's crinkly pages, soft textures and moving pieces inside.

Sophie The Giraffe:  What child doesn't love Sophie?  Even though she's a bit expensive, she's a great toy.  Easy to hold, and her rubber is super soft so he LOVES to gnaw on her head and legs.

Start Your Senses Rattle A Round (Bright Starts):  We got this one in a birthday party loot bag and he LOVES it!  The ring is the perfect size to hold and he loves to shake it and gnaw on it.  I think he also likes the noise of the shaker ball.

Whoozit (Manhattan Toys):  We have this guy hanging on one of his bouncy chairs (one with no activities so otherwise he'd be bored and fed up fast).  There's lots to look at and grab, he's a big fan of the Whoozit.

Neptune Soother (Baby Einstein):  We have this hanging on the side of the crib and we turn it on in the morning when he's waking up.  He loves to lie and watch the fish go by.  I only use the aquarium sounds feature, I don't love the music playlist.  I like that it has a remote so we can turn it back on from his doorway.  The only downside is that it doesn't stay on for very long.

Whoozit Grabbitz Ball (Manhattan Toys):  I found this on a clearance table at Babies R Us and he loved it immediately.  It looks strange but the plastic rings are easy for him to hold and the "balls" are soft and crinkly.  This is another playmat regular toy.

Any suggestions for other must-have toys for a 4.5 month old?  I'd love to hear them!

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  1. great list! I have a lot of these items, if not similar ones ;) oh he'll be chewing on those teething feet soon! E's first toy was that but in lion form - we call him 'mr.lion' - course, everything is a mister!