Monday, August 29, 2011

On the move

After about a month of trying, Noah is FINALLY rolling over!  You'll see in the videos that he swings his torso and legs to flip himself.  At first he could only roll to the right, but now he's rolling both ways.  The only challenge is that he doesn't realize he can flip from his tummy to his back (he was doing that before he could roll the other way, but I think he's forgotten), so I'm eternally running to flip him when he's screaming because he's stuck.  What a funny boy!

I'm a little worried because I know this is only the beginning and soon he'll be crawling and then running around the house. Soon it will be time for baby gates and moving to our basement where he can't get into as much trouble as our living room!  How time flies!


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  1. In response to your question. I tried several different times to unswaddle Owen. He wasn't ready. I tried at naptimes, first I tried one arm out or letting the top be loose, but cold turkey ended up being the way to go. Owen was almost 7 months and outgrowing the swaddle sacks, he was rolling over on his side in his sleep. I think you will know when it is time and you will be ready to give up 3 nights of sleep if that is what it takes. I wanted to go ahead and get him out of the swaddle before our trip at the end of the month. Good Luck! I hope that sort of answers your question...i do have some old posts you could read.