Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our solid food adventure

Once Noah was successful at sleeping through the night (he still wakes once or twice but is able to settle himself), we decided it was time to start solid foods.  The doctor said he could try them at 5 months (which is technically tomorrow), but he's been eating so much lately that we figured a week or two early wouldn't hurt.

Our first solid food was rice cereal.  At first it was pretty watered down, to get him used to the taste.  But now I'm making it a bit thicker because it's easier to feed him.  And he LOVES it!!

A week after starting rice cereal (you're supposed to wait at least 4 days between food introductions to monitor for allergic reactions), we decided it was time for vegetables.  We received a Baby Bullet as a shower gift and I couldn't wait to try it!  I decided to try peas as our first vegetable.  Little did I know that it's not always a baby pleaser.  I pureed fresh peas with a bit of water and portioned them into the cute Baby Bullet cups.  Watch the video below to see how our first pea experience went:

Needless to say, he wasn't a fan.  We decided to wait a couple days before trying them again (I read you should try everything 3 times before giving up).  So last night we tried them again.

You'll see by his expression that he's not completely won over, but his reaction this time was much less dramatic.  We shall try again tonight before moving on to sweet potato!

What foods did you start with?  Any suggestions for making peas a little more tolerable?


  1. avocado! Owen loves it! To get it really pureed I had to add some water then I had to add some rice/oatmeal back to it to thicken it so he would eat it. Owen likes the food a little thicker too. You can even freeze the avocado in an ice cube tray, then pop them out and into a freezer bag, if you freeze immediately it won't turn brown! Owen started eating 1 cube and is now up to 4!!! But he only eats 2 cubes of everything else, b/c he LOVES the avocado!

  2. Those are adorable, and he is edible. I could just eat up those little cheeks! My kids loved the orange foods - butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots. Peas and green beans take a little longer, but keep trying them. He may take to them after a few more tries. I've also pureed peaches, pears, and (when he gets a little older) pretty much anything we eat like chicken soup or chili even. I never did bananas for E because of constipation, but kids love those too. (Take a look in the baby food aisle for other ideas!)