Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sleep Training - Day 2

Night two was pretty much the same as night one.  We continued the approach during the day for naps, and were able to stretch his afternoon nap to 90 minutes.  He went to bed easily (as always) and had a brief wakeup at 9:30pm.  We let him go and he settled himself in less than 10 minutes.  Once we went to bed, we were hopeful, yet realistic, about what the night ahead held in store for us.  He woke briefly at 1:30 and settled himself in less than 10 minutes, without us going in.  He then slept till 3:20...and was up on and off until 5am!  We went in a couple times after waiting at least 10 minutes, and found he actually got angrier when he saw us.  I suspect it confused him and ticked him off that we were standing over him and not picking him up.  By 5am he was exhausted and finally crashed, and he slept till 8am.

Everyone says it takes three days for something to stick...we shall see if that theory is accurate.  We're headed to a wedding tonight so my sister in law is babysitting.  Bless her commitment to upholding our efforts!  She doesn't want to derail everything so she's bringing him back to our house to sleep.  We wish her luck!

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