Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving so fast!

Noah is six months this Sunday.  I can't believe how fast (and at times, how slowly) the last six months have gone by.  His baptism is Sunday afternoon and we're hosting about 30 family members at our house afterward.  Everyone is excited to see our little man.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.  He's absolutely loving his solids, including rice cereal, peas (took some time to warm up to them), sweet potato, butternut squash, pears, bananas and apples.  He's drinking a little bit less, so we give him his bottle first and top up with solids about half an hour later.

Last week, after many months of drooling, red cheeks and diaper rash, two teeth finally poked through.  We were convinced it was his eye teeth bugging him, but lo and behold it's his bottom middle teeth.  They're taking forever to come in, but he seems to be in better spirits now.  I can't wait for them to be all the way in, he looks SO cute!

He's moving around a lot now.  He can roll easily from side to side but still gets stuck on his tummy.  His latest move is what I call the "baby plank" - he lifts his head/torso and points his toes in the air like he's trying to do a situp.  It's hilarious to watch.  I'm sure it's strengthening his core, which he needs because he still topples over when I sit him up.

Sleep patterns are still erratic.  We haven't tried sleep training again (yet) because I know in many instances his teeth are the reason for his wakeups.  But I also know that he's hopelessly addicted to his soother because as soon as we pop it back in, he falls asleep again.  We've been double swaddling him (a la uber swaddle), which means he can't put his soother back in himself (which he's gotten quite adept at during the day).  So yesterday I decided to try him in a sleep sack - arms out - for his naps.  It was a success!  We attempted it at bedtime, but hubby was making a huge racket in the garage underneath him as he went down, so we started on the wrong foot.  It takes him a little longer to settle in the sleep sack, but boy does he look cute once he's out!  He's napping now and I have five soothers in his crib, so if it falls out, he can easily find a replacement.  We will keep trying at nighttime, because I feel bad that he has to be "tied up".  It also makes it difficult when other people put him to bed and they don't know the "technique".

Our little man is growing and changing so fast.  We've really seen his personality come out over the last month.  He's very fiery at times, but he laughs and smiles a lot, and boy does he love his mommy (his face lights up when he sees me).  I know it may cause problems if he's too attached, but right now I don't care.  I love the look of excitement on his face when I go up to "rescue" him from his crib!

Speaking of which....I think he's waking up!!

Sleep sack nap....success! Now to get him to do it at nite! #... on Twitpic

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sleep training - an ongoing journey

The last few weeks has been a rollercoaster of sleep patterns.  At first, Noah took to the new sleep routine really well.  For about 10 days, he was able to settle himself without hubby or I intervening.  It was wonderful to not get out of bed at night! 

And then the teething started again.  He would wake up shrieking like someone hurt him, so I would get up and give him Tempra and Oragel and his soother to calm him.  I'd only have to get up once, usually around 2am, and then he'd sleep till 7:30 or so.  This lasted nearly a week.  Unfortunately Noah took this to mean that when he'd scream, we'd come running.

So now we're back to a few wakeups a night, and him wanting his soother.  Last week we got lazy and gave it to him right away.  But then we noticed he was waking more frequently every night.  On Sunday I decided to let him cry, and he went on and off for 1.5 hours (from 2:30-4am) and it was exhausting!  But then he slept for the rest of the night and was fine in the morning.  I attempted to let him cry last night but hubby lost patience (the broken sleep is making it hard for him to focus at work) and asked me to give him the soother.  So I ended up getting up THREE times last night.

This will not happen again tonight.  If I have to sleep in the guest room so hubby gets a decent sleep for the next few nights, we WILL get him back on track.  I know he can do it.  The frustrating part is that he slept thru the night on Friday, and his routine was identical to every other day.

Sleep training isn't a one shot deal.  You have to stick to it and not go back on bad habits, because babies will happily let you come in and soothe them.  We've been through this once before, hopefully this time he'll get the point a little faster!

Wish us luck!